Sewing Projects

Queen of England Costumes - October 2022

Aurora - Fall 2021-Spring 2022

My senior collection when I went to school for fashion design.

Sketches of all three looks.

The prints used in the first two looks

Space Print Dress (with Matching Mask) made with CLO 3D - Spring 2021

For this project, I had to make an outfit with all of the pattern pieces being made using the program CLO 3D.

Front, back, and mask sketches

Front and back simulations of dress in CLO 3D.

Side by side of rendered simulation and actual dress.

Front and back flat sketches of dress.

Half-Scale Eveningwear Dress - Fall 2020

For this project, I was challenged to make an eveningwear dress in half-scale.

Front and back concept dresses for the sketch.

Upcycled Hoodie Dress - May/June 2020

An upcycling project. I used an old black shirt as well as several tie-dye shirts to make a hoodie dress with matching mask and reversible headband.

Upcycled Hoodie Shirt - May 2020

For this project, I was challenged to use upcycled materials. I used old school uniform shirts, generously donated by alumni from the Girard Academic Music Program.

Front and back sketches of the hoodie shirt.

Half-Scale Zero-Waste Wrap Dress - April 2020

For this project, I was challenged to make a piece zero-waste piece in half-scale.

Concept sketch for the project.

Two-Piece Outfit made from Wool Suit - Winter 2019

For this project, I was challenged to make an outfit using a thrifted two-piece suit as the materials.

Newsprint Skirt - ???

Close up of newsprint skirt

Geometric Print Top - ???